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OUR EVENTS ARE FOR MILITARY WOMEN * Spouses * Daughters * Veterans *
We connect YOU to your base/post and each other. We all need a backup plan, what better plan then marching through life with a troop of woman on the same journey.
*Pretty Hurts*
*Scandalous Café*
*Unleash Your Inner Warrior Princess*
*Super Hero or Super Stressed*
*Confessions of a Shopaholic*
*I Shaved My Legs for This!??!*
*Calm in the Chaos*
*Camouflage Paint and Create*
*Pretty Angry*
*Detox-Healthy Balanced Living*
*Escape from Reality*
*Warrior Walks*
*Identity Crisis-Your More Than the Last Four”
*Let’s Get Social *
*Leadership Boot Camp*
*Story Marks*

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Conversations – These 4 lesson guides are perfect for the unchurched. The Military Guides, do just what the name implies it starts conversations around familiar military subjects. They bring women together to talk openly about their struggles. An authentic and trustworthy community is created within the short sessions, so women connect with each other, feel safe while gaining friendships, and are slowly introduced to the Gospel to begin to know Jesus personally.  These have been developed Exclusively by the Beauties And Boots, Boots on the Ground Volunteers.

  • TDYS Guide Been There Done That 
  • PTSD GuideWhen the War Does Not End, Even After They Are Home
  • Combat ZoneMarital discord      The Power of Our Story –Sharing/healing together

Tammy Ortung, Retired Military, Military Spouse

  • Tour Of DutyMotherhood

Teasia Levin, Military Mother, Military Spouse

Coming Soon !!! 

            Military Wife Guide You Are Not Government Issued   Identity CrisisYour Are More Than His/Your Last Four Barbara Vernoski, Military Brat, Military  Spouse

Clips & Conversations – Short movies, relaxed home settings, and light snacks set the stage for a casual, fun evening of watching, discussion, and hanging out. Our suggested film is Butterfly Circus.