Military Woman

Active Duty * Reservist * National Guard * Veterans
Only you can rock red heels and combat boots!

  • 15% of DOD active-duty military personnel are Women.
  • Air Force 19% of personnel are Women,  1 in 5 are Women.
  • Navy 18% of military personnel are Women.
  • Army 14% military DOD Active Duty are Military.
  • Marines only have 8% troops are Women.
  • 2/3 of Military Personnel are 30 years or younger.
  • 1/10 are older than 40.
  • Army National Guard and Army Reserve make-up most of the National Guards and Reservist.
  • The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve make-up %21 of reserve ready troops.
  • The Army is the largest military branch 36% active-duty military serving.
  • Navy and Air Force are comparable in size.
  • Marine Corps made up of 14% active-duty military serving.
  • Coast Guard 3% active-duty military serving.

Unity and Strength
It is time we come forward,
we have waited long enough,
to be recognized as veterans.

We’ve fought numerous battles
of attitudes and prejudices.

We are, indeed, unique,
for we are risk takers,
and ground breakers,
by joining the service.

We’ve marched in every war,
helping fight behind the lines
and on front lines with you.

We’ve dealt with hostility.
by being put in places
where we weren’t wanted.

We’ve been ignored, harassed,
threatened and assaulted.
We’ve faced the same enemies as you,
even had more enemies than you,
for sometimes you were our enemy.

We’re not here to point a finger,
to condemn or make accusations.
We’re here to join hands and voices
in unity and strength,
to claim our right to be recognized
not just as women veterans,
but that we’re veterans, too.

Day After Day They Ask Me
Day after day they ask me,
“Why do you go away?
What makes you leave your family?
I think you should stay.”

My child who’s standing at the door
Clutching Daddy’s hand so
Pleads again with choking voice
“Mommy, please don’t go.”

For me, I must answer them,
I need for them to know.
It is not for fame or glory
Or riches that I go.

I go for each of you,
For all that have a son,
For all that have a daughter
Or a special loved one.

I go that when they hurt,
Or harm’s bullet has settled deep
Someone will be there for them,
To ease them as they sleep

I go to hold them as they die,
In some deserted place
To listen to their last goodbye
And still their troubled face.

I go because you can not go
And hold them when in fear
And soothe the troubled brow
As they cry for home so dear.

So when you see me pack my bags
And leave for lands so far away,
It is not hardness of the heart
Or mother’s conscience gone astray
Its for love of country, freedom,
Duty and honor too,
But most of all I go
To bring them back to you.
Capt. Cheryl Lockhart, USAFR, NC 914th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron