"Thanks for sharing a piece of you, with all of us. All the ladies bare their soul and were so warm and welcoming at the same time. This was a beautiful thing. To think I wasn't going to get out of bed today. I am so happy that I did! xoxo"

Ft Belvoir, Virgina

"Really refreshing to hear people's stories and not have others pass judgement."

Offutt AFB, Nebraska

A Movement that Inspires Women to Walk in Their own Shoes while Marching Through Military Life.

Why The Color Red?

Why The Color Red? The Red strip in our flag stands for, hardiness & valour. The color red reminds us all of the blood shed for the freedom of our country. It is also a reminder of all our troops still deployed.

R.E.D.-Remember Everyone Deployed; Wear RED on Fridays, to Show Your Support. Rock-it and Wear your RED SHOES.

Why Red Shoes? Red shoes are a sign of power & independence. Military dependendents are some of the strongest women we know.

Historically, Red Shoes have been worn by Royalty, because Red dye was very expensive. Popes have worn them since 1484, until recently when Pope Francis decided on a color more humble. King Louis XIV of France, in 1701 wore red heeled shoes. Red Shoes made a big come back with, Dorthy in 1939 in the, "Wizard of Oz," with her ruby red slippers. With three clicks of her heels, she would say, "There is no place that home."

To Us You are Royalty. We wish you had the power to click your heels together to bring your soliders home. Until that day comes, we are here to provide comaraderie and support.
Beauties and Boots call to Action is to serve Military Women by providing Resources and Community.
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"Great Event! Had a much needed day out to focus on my growth and my friendships."

Buckely AFB, Colorado

"As a Military Wife we feel we should push on. It was a blessing sharing it with our Military family. Thank you for this day of blessings."

Dobbins AFB, Georgia

"I am inspired by what you put together through faith, networking. I can see this was done through hard work and dedication. It felt so... odd to be the receiver of such hospitality. I didn't have to help out and was given the permission to just receive and enjoy. Everything was delicious. It was also fun collecting bras for, "Save the Girls."

Thule Air Base, Greenland

"Wonderful opportunity to connect with other women in a DRAMA-FREE environment. Excellent job of providing so much for us to have this experience. Thank You!"

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

"Absolutely Beautiful, I very much appreciate and honor the courage of those who shared their honest histories and the courage of this group to sponsor an event that encourages this type of vulnerability. Thanks so very much!!!

F. E. Warren AFB, Wyoming

"It was a rare opportunity to meet awesome women that I wouldn't have met in my daily routine. Although I came here alone I feel I am leaving with many new friends."

Elmendorf Joint Base, Alaska

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"Great event! Had a much needed day out to focus on my growth and my friendships."

McChord AFB/Fort Lewis, Washington

"Amazing time today, Thank you! I have 4 children and without the childcare I would have not been able to come."

Oceana Naval Air Station, Virgina

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January 2022