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Career One Stop
Your source for career explorations, training & jobs.

Homefront United
Information on this site caters specifically to National Guard and Reservist communities.

Military Bridge
Connecting American’s Military with the Best of Local Business.

Military One Source
At Military OneSource, we have one mission-to connect you to your best MilLife. How can we help you achieve your goals today?

National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization
The military family is the foundation for members serving in harm’s way, worldwide. Yet thousands of cases of abandonment and abuse of military servicemember’s own families have been mishandled or ignored entirely by the U.S. Military for many years, literally leaving battered spouses and homeless children overseas or off military bases while a few military servicemembers exploit poorly written laws to cut off all support for their own families.

NextGen MilSpouse
This community focuses the modern family covering careers, finances, military life, relationships and more.

New Rosie
New Rosie is a community of families sharing life-changing solutions for military & first responder family challenges. They leave no one behind and are commintted to ending veteran & first responder suicide.
Helpful Videos for Vets and their families.

Operation We are Here
This website contains many resources for the military community and military supporters.


American Military Family

A Community of military Spouse that are interested in health, fitness, and wellbeing topics. You can even join groups that are location-based so you can connect with other spouses in your area.
They are one of the largest online military and veteran membership organization.

Military Benefits
Tons of information, Military discounts, Benefits, Housing, Finance, Jobs, Education Resources.

Military Brat Inc.
As Military Brats we share a unique heritage and culture. Our life experiences growing-up sets us apart from our civilian (and less mobile) counterparts. Because of this lifestyle, we have been spread around the U.S. and the rest of the world. Few of us have what we consider a “Home Town.”

Military Brat Life
Military Brat Life celebrates everything about growing up in a military family, both in the United States and overseas.

Military Brats Registry
Do you have trouble answering the question “where are you from?” This website helps you find the friends you leave behind, and it will also allow your friends to discover you.

Military One Click

Military Spouse
Ways to simplify your crazy, wonderful military life. It offers a variety of perspectives from the military community.  life.

Military Wife and Mom
Best Military Family resources everyone should know.

My Military Life
Laugh, Learn, Relate

PTSD-National Center for PTSD
List of PTSD Resources and Websites

The Rosie Network
They believe that our men and women of the Armed Forces and their spouses, have earned the right to the American Dream of small business ownership.

Faith-Based Organizations

Meeting Women where they are, as they are.


Adventures of a Semperfi Family
A military family, making the most of Military life.

Army Wife 101
Army Wife 101 shares the in’s and outs of being a military spouse, providing informative content on military life and giveaways.

Army Wife Network
AWN is a grass-roots effort for military spouse empowerment and support. Valuable resources, podcasts, blogs, and articles.

A Modern Day Fairy Tale
My life as a Marine Corp wife and a mom to a child with Autism.

Beauties and Boots

Cammo Style Love
National Guard and living a remote life.

Come Fly With Us
Adventure as an Air Force pilots wife and mom.

Country Life City Wife
Heather is a military brat and married to Navy sailor. This blog has a little of everything travel, lifestyle tips and recipes.

Deployments Diatribes News from the Commander and Chief @ Home
Erin is a navy wife and mom to 4 boys, including one with Autism.

Fabulous Army Life
Living the Army life, one fabulous day at a time.

Happy Fit Navy Wife
As a military wife and mom, who has time to get fit? Heather does, and she’s here to help you on your road to healthy, happy living.

Just Mildly Medicated
Follow a military wife and stay at home mom with a chronic illness.

Military Duty Station
This blog focuses on any aspect of moving: paperwork, where to go, how to prepare, how to talk to kids.

Military Spouse
Simplifying your crazy, wonderful military life.

Military Wives Saving
A fun lifestyle blog for military spouses, featuring frugal living ideas, budget-friendly recipes and tips for how to survive military life.

Munchkins and Military
Alex is a stay at home mom and military wife.

My Crazy Life As A Navy Wife
Lashon is a Navy veteran as well a Navy wife!

Navy Wife Clute
A day in the life of an Officer’s Wife.

Only Passionate Curiosity
All about life and learning on the Homefront: Homeschooling, parenting, as a military family. This blog contains kid-friendly content.

The Meat and Potatoes of Life
Hilarious stories about marriage, parenting and Military life.

She is Fierce
Army wife life.

Singing Through the Rain
Encouragement for Marriage, Motherhood, Military Life and more!

Soldiers Wife Crazy Life
Think you have a crazy life? Then you’ll feel right at home when you visit  Julie’s blog. She has many topics ranging from being a mom to a special needs child, military life and more!

Somewhere Over the Camo
Amanda is here for other military spouses and uses her life events and family to do that.

Spouse Buzz
A community of news culture, tips, tricks and great ideas for a modern military spouse.

The Frugal Navy Wife
A military wife’s guide to savings in the civilian life. Teaching you how to save money on every part of your life from food to DIY, homeschooling, travel and more…

The Military Wife and Mom
A military wife blog about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and navigating the ups and downs of military life.

The Navy Mom
This site helps you find adventure, fun, and friends with all of the challenges of military life.

Troop Petrie
Pamela is a mom of 7 and military wife. She shares letters written to her husband.

World Traveling Military Family
Follow this family’s travels and get some tips on what it’s  like to move all over the world as a military wife.

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