Boots on the Ground * Special Ops * Reservist
Beauties and Boots: Three Special Forces Volunteer Teams

Boots on the Ground Team Members

These Women are Highly Specialized Volunteers that work as the National Military Advisors . They are scattered across the nation and work together in growing our movement. They recruit new Special Force teams, create new events, develop resources, train, encourage, and support teams across the nation.
They have over a 150 years combined Mentoring experience.
They have held events and have ongoing sessions happening at Bases and Posts from East to the West Coast,
including Thule, Greenland. No Base/Post is too far for us.

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  • Our Mentor, Leader and Friend
  • 1st Military Field Director for Stonecroft Military
  • Military Sister (Navy)
  • Military Mother-in-law (Air Force)
  • Military Aunt (2 Air Force) (Army) (Navy)
  • Military Sister-in-law (Army) Vietnam Vet, (Air Force)
  • Military Wife Persian Gulf, Iraq, 911 Vet (Air Force)
  • Military Mom (Marine)
  • Military Niece POW (Navy)
  • Military Mother-in-law (Air Force)
  • Military Aunt (Air Force)
  • Military Sister-Inlaw (Army)
  • Retired Major (Air Force)
  • Military Wife (Air Force)
  • Military Daughter (Navy)
  • Military Granddaughter
  • Military Niece
  • Military Cousin
  • Military Daughter (Army)
  • Military Sister (Air Force)
  • Military Cousin (Army)
  • Military Niece 8 Uncles in WWII (Navy) (Army) (Coast Guard)
  • Military Wife Persian Gulf Vet (Air Force)
  • Military Daughter Father and Mother (Air Force)
  • Military Daughter-in-law Korean Vet (Army)
  • Military Sister (Marines)
  • Military Sister-in-law (2 Air Force, 1 Marines)
  • Military Niece Korean Vet (Army)
  • Military Cousin (Navy)
  • Military Great Cousin WWII Vet (Navy)


Special Ops Team Members

These leaders gather a group of military women on specific bases/posts for Red Shoe Events, Training, Community, Conversations, and Celebration. They are the leaders and liaisons at each base.

                                                       LAUREN HOWELLS







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Reservist Team Members

Reservist volunteers have unique specific skills, talents and degrees. These volunteers are used on a recall bases as needed.

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  • Military Wife (Navy)
  • The Best Support
  • Grant Writer

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