We Partner with Military & Civilian Organizations to Facilitate Social Events

All Events that held on Military Facilities are done so under the authorization and permission of the Base or Post. We follow and comply with the Military Facilities regulations and follow protocol. Also, we come under the authority and work under the authorized military  personnel assigned to the event.

Red Shoe Events-Specialty Events

  • Scandalous Café
  • Pretty Hurts
  • Tales of the Tats
  • Calm in the Chaos
  • Super Hero or Super Stressed
  • Pretty Angry
  • You’re More Than His/Your Last Four
  • I Shaved My Legs for This
  • Women and Waffles
  • Escape
  • Unleash Your Inner Princess
  • Let’s Get Social
  • Leadership Boot Camp



Faith-Based Red Shoe Events

  • Front Porch Prayer Pauletta Staley & Anne Rice

  • Pray and PlayPauletta Staley

Beauties and Boots Military Conversations

  • TDY-Been There Done That Tammy Ortung, Retired Military, Military Wife


  • PTSDThe War Doesn’t End Tammy Ortung, Retired Military, Military Spouse

  • MILITARY WIFE-You Are Not Government Issued Barbara Vernoski, Military Brat, Military Spouse Coming Soon
  • IDENTITY CRISISYour Are More Than His Last Four Barbara Vernoski, Military Brat, Military Spouse Coming Soon
  • TOUR OF DUTY-Motherhood  Teasia Levin, Military Wife and Military Mother & Pauletta Staley
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