Family Gatherings-Not

Family Gatherings-Not

I was fortunate to grow up in a loving and nurturing family. A family that doesn’t fight over the petty stuff, like many others often do. A family that truly cares, celebrates the good, and mourns the bad. Military life with its constant travels over the years made it difficult to always be there for family (and vise versa). Over the years, I missed out on many family gatherings, weddings, graduations and other special occasions. That’s why I have come to value my family away from home—my military family. My husband and I have been blessed by many invitations to family dinners and holiday meals, not to mention having the peace of mind that if something bad ever happened we could depend on these people to come along side us in our time of need.

I’ve never been able to imagine how people who do not have this in their lives could survive without it, especially if they were geographically separated from family, like we are—until today. Someone close to me spent the night in the ER last night, then had to take a taxi home because there was NO ONE in the area for them to call. Then they laid in their living room writhing in pain for hours because they couldn’t drive (their car was still at the hospital), and they had no one to pick up their pain killers for them. Fortunately I was able to call an old military friend (one I haven’t seen for 15 years), and she was able to help us out.

This is just one of many stories of the camaraderie and friendships I have built over the years in the military. The great thing about it is that everyone has a season, there are times when we have the opportunity to serve and help others during their time of need, and a time when they help us in ours. We are never alone!

Have you reached out and encouraged your family?

Tammy Ortung
Boots on the Ground, National Military Advisor

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